Delicate Texturized Silver and Gold Rings Couple Rings Stainless Steel

Delicate Texturized Silver and Gold Rings Couple Rings Stainless Steel

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This two-tone steel rings step is made with silver steel base and has gold details around its entire circumference. These hoop rings are plated with gold-plated steel, which extends its useful life, unlike lacquered or enameled jewelry, which can suffer damage if it is not properly cared for. Don't think twice and get your ring in two-tone steel.

Jewelry made of stainless steel is also known as surgical steel accessories; This is characterized by its high purity and durability, so it can easily compete with jewelry made of both silver and gold. 

Protect your investment - At the Steel Shop we use stainless steel for a reason, it’s a tremendously high-quality metal that does not tarnish or corrode. Understanding how to care for your steel jewelry piece is vital in maintaining its beauty and making sure each accessory lasts a lifetime. Remember – when your jewelry looks good, you look good.

Avoid scratching – The last thing any of us want is scratches on our jewelry. Number 1 rule: Don’t place multiple pieces of polished stainless steel together. Another important thing to consider is the removal of your jewelry when performing manual tasks.

Avoid harsh chemicals – This includes not cleaning your jewelry with harsh cleansers. Polish is fine but make sure it is non-toxic.

Store your jewelry safely – For those rare times when you are not wearing your jewelry and looking mighty-fine, make sure to properly store your accessories safely. This means keeping your accessory in the box it came in. Slinging your precious jewelry onto the cabinet is just asking for scratches.

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